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Budgeting planning and money management made easy, with date-shifting!™*

The Story Behind This Product

        The concept for Budget-Master.com began in 1997 when we became frustrated with the limitations of paper budgeting and traditional spreadsheets for managing money. There was plenty of advice on budgeting and financial planning, and on using spreadsheet progams, but no practical method to help do it because date-shifting was always the biggest problem. At the same time the actual tools necessary to design the complex software that could provide a simple online user interface for a new type of spreadsheet with date-shifting, and eliminate the need to use other programs, were just not available. Plans were developed, patent applications were prepared, and eventually the software and skills became available providing the opportunity to move forward.
(Read how our spreadsheet is different from other spreadsheets at FAQ's.)

In keeping with our mission, we charge a minimal fee to recover our design and development costs, to lease and maintain a server to provide this website, to advertise the availability of our product, and to provide future enhancements that we believe most customers would like to have. We offer special discounts to long-term subscribers and to service providers that would like to offer our product to their customers.

We also offer Intranet providers the opportunity to use a licensed copy of the spreadsheet program on their website, which may be altered to meet local needs and to maintain privacy and site security. For special requests please send an introductory email to diane.richardson at budget-master.com.

Understanding the Difference Between Budgeting and Planning

        A short story: When the writer was learning to drive, her father, a former truck driver, said to always keep both hands on the lower half of the steering wheel for safety, and to always look as far ahead as is possible to be able to anticipate what to do next. Doing this would keep me firmly in control of the vehicle, and it suggested that driving by just looking at the car ahead allowed little time to react and was therefore inherently dangerous.

Relative to the spreadsheet, every month is like a car ahead. Creating a budget in the current month is like tailgating. It works for some, and causes accidents for others. It's usually stressful and it provides no visibility of the possible dangers down the road. Creating a budget for every month thereafter is like lifting your head and looking down the road. A 12-month budget developed to have a specific outcome is a 12-month financial plan.

Planning can be Amazingly Beneficial in Several Ways

        Planning is not simple or quick. Planning is an incremental process - it often takes several weeks to develop a good plan simply because of all the considerations that must be thought through. Then changing circumstances and newer decisions will require you to update your plan on an ongoing basis. But the results can be amazingly beneficial in helping you to understand your financial future, in gaining a better understanding of what you have and how to get what you want, and in developing both self-reliance and self-confidence in the management of personal finances. If the unknown worries you, planning might also help you to reduce stress.

Personal Financial Planning or Business Financial Planning, It's all the Same

        Business and financial managers spend a considerable amount of their time creating financial plans like used here, then measuring what actually happened to what was planned. They then adjust their plans accordingly. In a competitive marketplace profits are created by good financial planning. Many businesses fail not because of a poor product but because of a poor financial plan. If you can develop the skills to do good long-term budgeting to meet a specific financial goal you have developed one of the most highly regarded skills in the management of a business.

Improve the Quality of Your Life

        We sincerely hope that a spreadsheet program offered by Budget-Master.com is the tool that helps you to do something you always wanted to do but never thought that you could.

*The best we can provide them

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