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Budgeting planning and money management made easy, with date-shifting!™*

Budget-Master LLC is located in Connecticut, USA

We include both male and female perspectives: This development of the Budget-Master.com spreadsheet was directed by a woman in need of a simple way to do budgeting who received inputs from a wide selection of men and women. The actual program software and display was created by both men and women.

Customer Service and Support

We are here to help: We are very easy to work with and exist to make your budgeting needs as easy as is possible, so if you have any questions or concerns please send them to customerservice at budget-master.com (after properly inserting the @ symbol)   

To subscribe to this service you will need to acknowledge that you
have read, understand and agree to all the terms and conditions stated on this page

Understanding what we Offer: We offer you the use of a simple and very easy to use budget management program, with various options, through a subscription service. And we offer future enhancements. All at a very fair price.

Service Limitations

To properly support the lost password feature, Budget-Master.com does not provide more than one spreadsheet per email address. A spreadsheet is not intended for the management of an unlimited number of items or rows (most budgets contain less than 15), and you can always use a second spreadsheet for special needs, so a limit of 20 rows per spreadsheet seems more than reasonable.

Whole Numbers: The program only calculates whole numbers, and fractional percentages might not add to 100% simply because percentages that actually have decimal endings like .04 + .03 + .03 (adding to .10) are missing.

Large numbers: The number calculations are always correct but a display with a total that shows a second coma but does not have 3 following digits should be interpreted as an incomplete number. Explanation: Per convention, to make numbers easier to read, we show comas in numbers larger than 999. Example, 1,000. But each browser has its own way of sizing the width of the digit window - some browsers will show 999,999 for our 7-digit window, while others will show 9,999,999. This means that some browsers have the ability to allow more digits and show larger numbers. With wider windows the long-term planning section can show very large numbers.

Extended service of any kind and or life-of-service is restricted to one User ID, and these services have no compensation value.

Our intention is to provide a very high level of service, and to-date we have not lost any stored data. But Budget-Master.com can only be provided within normal business constraints, and as with all services, disruptions and accidents can still happen. Therefore Budget-Master LLC will not be held liable in any way for service interruptions or lost information. Please keep in mind that this is just a nice planning tool and should not be taken more seriously. Although we regularly backup our data we recommend that you also save or print a copy of your spreadsheet so that you can replace your data in the unlikely event that it is lost and we are not able to replace it.

Budget-Master LLC's Right to Cancel: Budget-Master LLC reserves the right to cancel the services of anyone who we believe is violating the terms of service.

Protecting Your Privacy

Budget-Master LLC has created this policy to demonstrate its commitment to your privacy.

Budget-Master LLC derives its revenue from the sale of products, services and licensing, not from selling or sharing information about customers. We therefore do not require personal information about a customer other than an email address. (The credit card processing company takes the traditional transaction information.)

Privacy of your spreadsheet information: The only way that your spreadsheet can be seen is by entering your user ID and Password, but only you know your password. This is because when passwords are created they are stored using a 'hash' (a long chain of random characters that are assigned to your account) and the original password is discarded. Any software engineer will tell you that a hash cannot be restored or decrypted to its original form. So Budget-Master LLC has no ability to read what's in your spreadsheet. Q: If you cannot read the password how do you know it's me when I log in? A: Software engineers are very clever people - they compare the hashes to see if there is a match.

Please, NEVER use the 'Reply' feature in your email system to reply to an e-mail inquiry that appears to be coming from Budget-Master.com or Budget-Master LLC that asks for information to help us identify you. Instead, please use the customer support email address provided below.

Future Expectations & Good Faith

Future Expectations: You should not purchase the existing Budget-Master.com services based on any possible future service because when we talk about our intentions for the future we do so with the best intentions, but we cannot guarantee that our goals are always possible simply because of unforeseen circumstances. Therefore Budget-Master LLC will not honor any assumption or false expectations regarding potential future services.

Good Faith: Budget-Master LLC will do everything that is considered reasonable to make Budget-Master.com a useful tool for you. The Servicemark "*The best we can provide them" is evidence of this commitment. However, there are practical limitations to what we can or will provide; when we reach those practical limitations we will stop.


Major credit cards are accepted through our payment gateway.

There are No Refunds

Given the enormous value received by just using this product once, the low cost for providing this service, and the complications and costs related to cancellation of service, we do not offer or provide refunds. Also, read applicable law on Refunds

Mutual Obligations & Legal Details

Your Obligations: We provide a highly secure server and encryption that protects your account and spreadsheet, but we have no control over what you do with your login information. Therefore, you are entirely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your Budget-Master.com account login information, including but not limited to your Password and User ID/login name. You must take all reasonable efforts to protect that information. You agree to not hold Budget-Mater LLC responsible for any disclosure of your private information which resulted from your own actions or your lack of action. You also agree to indemnify, defend, and hold Budget-Master LLC and our officers, directors, owners, and agents, harmless from and against any and all liabilities and costs incurred by Budget-Master LLC (including reasonable attorneys' fees) in connection with any claim arising out of any breach by you of these terms of use or claims arising from your account.

Liability Limit: Budget-Master LLC's liability for any harms suffered by purchaser or subscriber that may arise, whether directly or indirectly, through the use of any product or service provided by Budget-Master LLC is limited to the fees, if any, paid by the purchaser or subscriber for use of the product or service provided by Budget-Master LLC.

Your Right to have Correct Information:  Budget-Master.com is an honest attempt at solving a serious problem, as it allows the average computer user to do budgeting and financial planning without knowing how to create macros (spreadsheet mathematical formulas) or even use a typical computerized spreadsheet. If we have failed to consider something it's probably because we didn't know that it should be considered or we just forgot to include it. If you tell us what's wrong we will learn from our mistake and fix the problem.

Patent Application Notice: Budget-Master.com is patent pending. The invention of Budget-Master.com began in 1997 when it seemed that there was no other good solution to having a simple to understand and use budget planning and management program.

Copyright © Notice: All information contained on this website is copyrighted ©.

Please do not send us your product ideas. Budget-Master LLC does not accept product ideas because of the significant legal and procedural costs involved as we are regularly trying to improve products ourselves.

*The best we can provide them

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